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We Sell

“A Great Place To Shop”

(Why buy new when slightly used will do?)

Cash Converters Retail Section offers a wide product range. Visiting customers vary from collectors of watches and cameras to bargain hunters. The stores in Singapore and Malaysia attract a number of regular customers who like to browse in a friendly environment. They appreciate that the stock changes on a day to day basis, depending on what has been bought recently. It is a shop where unique, unusual and bizarre items can be found alongside the more normal everyday items. This combination of aspects generates significant traffic in the store.

Our staff are all trained both in customer service and in product knowledge. This allows them to serve their customers better and to demonstrate the working functions of a product. All items are fully tested before being sold and electrical items are covered by a one month warranty.

What We Offer

We offer a wide variety of used and new products from TV’s, Hi-Fi, electrical appliances, computers, jewellery, sporting goods, musical instruments etc. There are “new stock” everyday. Our main source for stock comes from customers selling their items in our Buys Room.

Dimiliki Oleh : Arus Jimat Sdn Bhd (No. Syarikat : 426411-U (199701010915))