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What is Cash Converters?

We are in the business of buying and selling unwanted goods.

How long has Cash Converters been around?

The franchise operations have been around for more than 20 years. It began in 1984 as a single store retail operation in Perth, Western Australia. Cash Converters currently has over 530 stores in 24 countries across the globe. The 1st store in Asia opened in Singapore in 1999. There are 7 stores in Singapore and 7 in Malaysia.

Why sell second-hand goods?

It is a fun and enjoyable experience to get rid of your unwanted goods in a friendly environment. Your unwanted goods are recycled and you get instant cash through the process.

Do you buy brand new items as well?

Yes, we do. New items like gifts from housewarming, birthday present etc.

Why sell to Cash Converters?

We offer an alternative to selling via the classified adverts in newspapers, car boot sales or over the Internet. Selling to us is hassle free and less time consuming. The advantage is the immediacy of the process, as instant cash is paid once the price has been agreed.

What products do you buy or sell?

We will buy and sell almost any products that is in working condition and has a resale value. Products sold should come with the necessary accessories.

Range of Products That We Do Buy

Do you pay cash?

Yes, we will pay you cash on the spot once the price has been agreed upon.

Why do I need to produce IC/Workpass/Passport when I sell?

This is to comply with the Secondhand Dealers Act. As it is required by Law, customers must produce their photo ID such as IC (Malaysian) or passport (Foreigners) for the transaction. Customers must be above 18 years old to sell their items.

How to sell my items to Cash Converters?

Customers can bring the items that they want to sell to any of our conveniently located stores, where the selling price will be discussed/negotiated. As there are so many products in the market, we need to look at the product in its actual state to give a fair price estimate. It is our company policy not to provide “over the phone” price estimates.

To avoid disappointment, please ensure that all electrical items are in working condition. This can be done by testing the product before bringing it down to our stores.

Why your company can’t provide price estimation of the item over the phone?

As there are so many products in the market, we need to look at the product in its actual state to give a fair price estimate.

How do I transport my bulky electronic items (eg. 42-inch LCD TV, home theater system) to Cash Converters?

If you are moving, leaving the country, or doing major cleanup of your storeroom and have many items to sell, you can email/ fax us the list of items. Our representative will contact you within 3 working days to discuss pricing and/or make the necessary house call arrangements.

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Are you open during major public holidays?

We are open on most public holidays except for the first two days of Chinese New Year and closed on Hari Raya. For operating hours, please refer to the individual stores.

Dimiliki Oleh : Arus Jimat Sdn Bhd (No. Syarikat : 426411-U (199701010915))